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Tanja Tamminen

Hi, I'm Tanja!

I work on international projects strengthening coordination, cooperation, confidence and understanding among people. On my free time I focus on tools to fight organised crime and corruption.

I finished high school both in France and in Finland, studied IR in Tampere, Finland, defended my doctoral thesis in Science Po Paris and have been interested in peace and conflict matters throughout my 20-year career. My special interest has been in finding ways to improve the positive impact of international support in third countries and to enhance cross-border and cross-regional cooperation from Balkans to the Southern Caucasus. Currently I am coordinating an EU funded support project. I am also Adjunct Professor in Turku University, in Finland, specialized in European security matters. An approachable lecturer, trainer and role play facilitator, I am always happy to pass knowledge based on my research and experience to the next generations. I have served over 7 years in EU CSDP Missions and led several research projects related to peacebuilding including in the Finnish Institute of International Affairs as well as in the Leibniz-Institute IOS in Regensburg. Diacoord Consulting is my trade name registered in Finland.

Want to chat about a project or an opportunity? Do email me at tanja.tamminen(at) Or give me a call!

Experience and education


“Measuring corruption” project

Published Report “Methods for comprehensive corruption monitoring” in the Corruption indicators for Finland -project funded by the Government. Started as a Team Leader in an EU funded dialogue project.


The CSDP handbook

Establishing of the Research Initiative on Organised Crime RIOC and publishing of The CSDP Handbook on Advisory Support to Tackling Organised Crime. March 2019 in a CSDP Planners’ conference, presented the EUAM Ukraine online system monitoring Mission progress in implementing its mandate, which received warm welcome in CPCC.


Planning, coordination and cooperation structures in EUAM Ukraine

Led the Planning, Coordination and Cooperation Department incl. the Project Cell in the EU Advisory Mission in Ukraine EUAM ensuring smooth Strategic Review of the Mission and implementation of integrated approach together with the Commission funded PRAVO Special Measure activities.


Transferring donor coordination capacities in Ukraine

Ensured donor coordination in the field of Rule of Law through a number of coordination platforms and donor mapping activities, sharing donor coordination best practice (CoCo conference) and transferring and building coordination capacities to the local counterparts.


Policy advice to the OSCE on regional dialogue structures

Led the IOS research group highlighting that the so called “frozen conflicts” are not static but in fact shaped by complex dynamics and practices of conflict and cooperation on the local, national, regional and transnational levels. Organized the IOS Annual Conference with Helga Schmid as keynote speaker. Implemented DAAD funded dialogue platform for participants from the conflict affected areas and gave policy advice to the German OSCE Chairmanship incl. speaking in the OSCE as Mediator conference in Berlin and participating in the OSCE Ministerial in Hamburg.


Establishing of the “Frozen Conflicts” group in IOS Regensburg

Left the Political and Reporting office in EULEX Kosovo to establish political sciences Research Group on Frozen and Unfrozen Conflicts supported by a special funding of the State of Bavaria. The group focused on dynamics of conflicts and cooperation in the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS) in Regensburg, Germany.


Granted title of Adjunct Professor

While working in EULEX Kosovo, was granted the title of Adjunct Professor (docent) specialising in European security questions in Turku University, Department of Philosophy, Political Science and Contemporary history. This title indicates extensive knowledge in the field, good teaching skills and the ability to conduct independent research. An Adjunct Professor has the possibility to officially invite and supervise PhD students.


EULEX Kosovo

Joined EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo as Political Advisor, served as Acting Head of Unit.


Policy relevant research on EU mediation capacities

Working in the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (EU Programme), led the Peace Mediation project organising several events around EU’s mediation capacities, plans to establish the European Institute for Peace and published articles and edited the report Strengthening the EU’s peace mediation capacities – pdf here.


Research on the EU CSDP and the Balkans

Doctoral thesis published as a book by TAPRI. As researcher at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs analysed EU policies incl. Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), the impact of crisis management activities and the future of the Western Balkans.


Analysis on local ownership and the impact evaluation

After EULEX secondment organized a Conference in cooperation with Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI) on local ownership in Kosovo. Published research e.g. on Kosovo, CSDP and the impact of crisis management.


Doctoral defence at Sciences Po Paris

While working in EULEX, defended doctoral thesis on the “Coveted borders in the Southern Balkans” at Sciences Po, Paris under supervision of Professor Jacques Rupnik and with the felicitations of the jury.


Kosovo independence

Discussed Kosovo independence in the Finnish media (declared on 17 February 2008) and organized FIIA events incl. with President Ahtisaari before joining the EU Rule of Law Mission EULEX Kosovo for the first time (selected in the 1st CfC).


Preparing training course on human security

Served in the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs crisis management unit as well as prepared for the Crisis Management Center Finland the human security training in cooperation with London School of Economics and published on human security. Pilot training was held in the beginning of 2008.


Finnish EU Presidency incl. JHA Ministerial in Tirana

Served at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland in the Western Balkans Unit preparing Finnish EU Presidency and being in charge of the horizontal portfolio incl. visa liberalisation issues, regional negotiations incl. Stability Pact and the reform of CEFTA as well as organising the EU-Western Balkan Justice and Home Affairs Ministerial meeting, which proposed to be held for the first time in the region, in Tirana, Albania.


Secondment to Finnish PermRep in Brussels

Joined the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland Western Balkans Unit (led by Kai Sauer) in the Young EU Professionals Program to ensure smooth implementation of the Finnish EU Presidency. Seconded for two months in the Permanent Representation in Brussels to assist the future COWEB chair Mikko Hautala.


Field research in the Balkans

Field research in the Balkans to prepare doctoral thesis that handle governance of border spaces in the Southern Balkans incl. regional and cross-border cooperation structures. Spent a month in each country (Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro), e.g. in Bulgaria based on a research exchange between Finnish and Bulgarian Science Academies.


Doctoral studies in Paris

Preparing doctoral thesis in the Finnish Academy funded research project in Turku University, however under the academic supervision of prof. Jacques Rupnik, in Sciences Po, Paris. Participated in a Marie Curie researcher-in-residence programme in Paris, France.


Finnish Academy project “Balkans after the Cold War”

Finalised Diplôme des Etudes Approfondies (DEA) studies in the Ecole Normale Superieure and EHESS in Paris (thesis under academic supervision of prof. Gerard Noiriel), and joined the “Balkans after the Cold War” project in Turku University.


Master’s in Social Sciences

Granted Master Degree in Social Sciences in Tampere University in International Relations (thesis written on the 1997 crisis in Albania under academic supervision of prof. Tarja Väyrynen) and left for post-graduate studies to ENS/EHESS pluridisciplinary social sciences programme incl. visiting lectures on Michel Foucault by Paul Rabinow. Also lectures by Jacques Derrida at EHESS and specialisation on Balkan studies.


Erasmus exchange year in Vienna, Austria

Studied for a year in Vienna University following a number of specialisation courses on Balkan history and politics.


Erasmus exchange semester at Panteion University, Athens, Greece

Studied under supervision of prof. Kontogeorgis at the Panteion University writing research on Balkan questions. Followed Greek language studies at Athens Center.


Finnish Immatriculation Examination (yo)

Finalised Upper Secondary School at the Classical Senior High in Tampere (6 laudatur & 1 eximia)


Baccalauréat littéraire in La-Roche-sur-Yon, Vendée, France

Spent two years as a ‘pilot’ exchange student in the friendship high school of Clasu in Western France, le Lycée Notre-Dame du Roc in La Roche-sur-Yon. Past BAC L with mention bien (17/20 in philosophy)